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Thank you to everyone that attended the UDT Asia 2016 conference, we hope you enjoyed it. See you in 2017!

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"I attended Clarion’s first tilt at the Asia-Pacific market. Although in its infancy, UDT Asia was among one of the better conferences I have attended in the region, and Clarion had taken the time to make sure they understood what the local audience wanted – something that some of the other events companies have not managed." - Darren Lake, Managing Director, Shephard Media

The undersea environment is the most technically challenging and hostile environment in which man operates, and from a defence and security perspective it is doubly so. 

The International Institute of Strategic Studies chose to focus on the shift in the balance of submarine capability from the Euro-Atlantic region to Asia in this year’s Military Balance. There can be no doubt that there has been a dramatic shift in undersea capability to the Asia Pacific region, and that these capabilities are being exercised by an increasing number of nations in the region. Bringing together operators, industry and academia to explore new ideas and new frontiers specific to an Asian context is a critical opportunity, and UDT Asia provides the best forum for doing so, and will explore the key issues and potential solutions.

As the focus of the US Navy and wider maritime trade shifts in focus to the Indo-Pacific region, one of the key long-term challenges for the region pertains to the role these Asian nations will play in setting the rules for maritime security and in defining the standards for maritime shipping. Submarine building is continuing apace in Asia and in response anti-submarine warfare capabilities are being developed, as well as a significant investment in mine warfare.

With the shift of economic power to the Indo-Pacific region most projections point towards an increased importance of India, China and other key trade nations in the region. UDT Asia provides you with unparalleled opportunities to learn from operational feedback, network with key decision makers and understand the future shape of these Asian markets. 

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